Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day Four

Today, we took a private tour of the Library of Congress. The students worked on drawing sections afterwards, and applied what we learned yesterday about elevations to their work.

Jesse and Elizabeth figuring out proportions

Kelsey, Joe, Chris and Bridget with critic Evan

Catherine sketching away

Yousef (Jesse!) and Jean-Paul

Jesse wrapping up the morning before heading off to lunch at Union Station

A quick photo-op outside at the Library of Congress Fountain

Pose with the Capitol!

Hayley and John getting ready for their first pin-up

Isabel, James and Hayley pinning up

Hayley, Isabel and James presenting their nature vs. man boards

Bridget and John

Elizabeth, Kelsey and Trevail explaining their work

Suzanne and Danielle being critiqued

Chris, Catherine, and Nicholas

Jaime, Madeline and Joe

Julie and Jean-Paul

Parris, Ana and Luke

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